Symposium / Workshop Sessions

GS: General Session

GS1: Computational Bio-Fluid Mechanics

GS2: Wave Problems

GS3: Compressible Flows

GS4: Hypersonic/Reactive Flows

GS5: Aero-Acoustics

GS6: Moving-Grid Computation

GS7: Parallel/PC-Cluster Computations

GS8: MEMS Related Problems

GS9: Industrial Applications

GS10: Fluid Machiner

GS11: Aerospace/Satellite Applications

GS12: Incompressible Flows

GS13: Adjoint/Optimization Methods

GS14: Multiphase Flows

GS15: Unstructured/Adaptive Grids

GS16: Turbulence Modeling/Direct Simulation

GS17: Lattice-Boltzmann Methods

GS18: Fluid-Structure Interaction

GS19: Heat/Mass Transfer

Organized Session

OS1: Modeling of composite materials, structures or systems (pdf)
Organized by Prof. Yun-Che Wang, Prof. Sergei Alexandrov

OS2: Lattice Boltzmann methods for fluid dynamics (pdf)
Organized by Prof. Kuang C. Lin, Prof. Chao-An Lin

OS3: Numerical Methods for Fluid Structure Interaction (pdf)
Organized by Prof. Tzyy-Leng Horng, Prof. Ming-Jyh Chern, Prof. Chuan-Chieh Liao, Prof. Chin-Cheng Wang

OS4: Computational Multiphase Flows (pdf)
Organized by Prof. Fuling Yang, Prof. Yang-Yao Niu, Prof. Feng Xio

OS5: Recent Advances in Meshless (Meshfree) Methods (pdf)
Organized by Prof. Pai-Chen Guan, Prof. Chia-Ming Fan, Prof. Judy P. Yang

OS6: Electromagnetic Functional Fluids (pdf)
Organized by Prof. Huei Chu Weng, Prof. Yuhiro Iwamoto

OS7: Computational Astrodynamics (pdf)
Organized by Dr. Feng-Tai Hwang, Dr. Yu- Young Lian

OS8: Materials Modeling (pdf)
Organized by Prof. Nien-Ti Tsou

OS9: Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineering Applications (pdf)
Organized by Dr. ChungGang Li, Dr. WeiHsiang Wang

OS10: Computational Mechanics for Nano-/Bio-Structures and Materials in Engineering Applications (pdf)
Organized by Prof. Shu-Wei Chang, Prof. Zhiping Xu, Prof. Chuin-Shan David Chen

OS11: Vibration and Acoustics (pdf)
Organized by Prof. Yu-Hsi Huang

OS12: Structural dynamics and acoustics (pdf)
Organized by Prof. Yum-Ji Chan, Prof. Jung-San Chen, Prof. Wei-Jiun Su, Prof. Chien-Hong Lin

OS13: Biomechanics (pdf)
Organized by Dr. Po-Jen Shih, Dr. Jia-Yang Juang, Dr. Dean Chou, Dr. John C. Vardakis

OS14: Mechanics of Multifunctional Composite Materials (pdf)
Organized by Prof. Chien-hong Lin

OS15: Materials Genome and Informatics approach to accelerate the materials discovery and design. (pdf)
Organized by Dr. Wen-Jay Lee, Dr. Nan-Yow Chen

OS16: Properties Variation on Nano/Micro Scale Fluid Field (pdf)
Organized by Asst. Prof. Yan-Hom Li, Prof. Tsu-Hsu Yen, Asst. Prof. Ming-Chung Lo

OS17: CFD Applications on Energy Technology (pdf)
Organized by Prof. Shu-San Hsiau

OS18: CFD Applications on Hydrodynamic Hazards (pdf)
Organized by Asst. Prof. Tso-Ren Wu

Special Session

SS1: 2nd Cross-Straits Workshop on Thermo-Fluid Science

SS2: NCFD Poster