Program Overview

14 October
16:00-18:00 Registration

15 October

16 October

17 October

Detailed Program
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Paper Abstract
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Venue Floor Plan

Presentation Guideline

1. Presentation Time:
    ----Plenary Lecture: 30 minutes include Q&A
   ----Keynote/Invited Lecture: 20 minutes include Q&A
   ----Oral Presentation: 20 minutes include Q&A
2. All presentations will need to be made with a laptop computer using an LCD projector. The conference will not provide overhead projectors;
   thus no presentations using transparences will be possible.
3. The Conference will not prepare laptop computer in each room. We strongly recommend you to have a backup of your presentation on a
   USB storage device in the event your laptop has a technical problem or is incompatible with the LCD projector. (If you are using a Mac,
    please prepare the Mini DVI to DVI Adapter by yourself.)
4. We ask that all presentations be ready at the beginning of each session. In view of the tight presentation schedule, we anticipate this will
    save time. Power strips will be provided.
5. We advise you to test your presentation in your meeting room at some point before your presentation; this can be done during a break or
   before the sessions begin each day.